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Wake Up Toes

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Jessica and this is my son, Owen. When children hear songs, each syllable is often represented by different note, so it helps them to hear that words are made up of separate small sounds. You will want to hold your child on your lap, and wiggle each body part as it is ... Read More

Shoe the Old Horse

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Literacy Tip Hi, I'm Jessica, and this is my son Owen. This is a great rhyme to do with small babies. Lay them in front of you while you say the rhyme and do the actions. Talking to your baby can be lots of fun. Research shows that babies can recognize words long before they can talk. And, of ... Read More

Baby Hop

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Taliah, and I would like to share Baby Hop, an action rhyme that babies love. Hearing the rhyming words and the repetition helps children identify the small sounds that make up words. This will help them later when they begin to sound out written words. Have fun while ... Read More

Rain Is Falling Down

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Literacy Tip Two and three year olds like doing the actions of this rhyme. It's fun anytime, but even more fun on a rainy day or in the bathtub. The actions help the child understand the meaning of the words. This can also be a peek-a-boo game for babies. Transcript Rain is falling down. Splash ... Read More


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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Cliff and I have a bouncing rhyme for you today called “Cuckoo”. It’s perfect for Babies and Toddlers and helps them build vocabulary by using new words and sounds. Your child should face you so that you can look in their eyes as you say the ... Read More


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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Cydney and this is my 24-month-old son, Stephen. He loves music. This song is great because it repeats in every line. His brain connections are made stronger through repetition. Here's a tip: use cotton balls for snowflakes! Transcript (Tune: Did You Ever See a ... Read More

Slowly, Slowly

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Literacy Tip My name is Taliah. This is Zayre, he is six months old. I am demonstrating Slowly, Slowly, an action rhyme for children birth to two years. Through sight, sound, and touch a child experiences the meaning of slowly and quickly. Transcript Slowly, slowly slowly (Slowly walk two ... Read More

Los Pollitos Dicen

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Literacy Tip Hola! Me llamo Emilia. Esta canción es un cuento que ayuda a los niños de 2 a 5 años a entender que hay un inicio, parte media y un final en cada historia. Transcript Los pollitos dicen “Pío, pío, pío” Cuando tienen hambre Cuando tienen frío. La mamá les busca El ... Read More

De Colores

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Literacy Tip ¡Hola todos! Me llamo Emilia. Esta es una canción muy conocida en español. Cuando anima a sus pequeños a aprender de primero su idioma natal en el hogar, Ud. les está facilitando a que más tarde hablen y lean otro idioma con mayor facilidad. Transcript De colores, de colores ... Read More

Hallando Un Huevo

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Literacy Tip Hola. Soy Jessica. Voy a recitar una rima que ayuda a los niños a contar un cuento en orden. Toca los dedos, o dedos de pie, del niño para que puedan recordar la rima y el orden del cuento. Transcript Este niño halló un huevo. Este lo coció. Este lo peló. Este le echó la ... Read More