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Kià Con Bướm Vàng

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Literacy Tip Hi! Tên tôi là Rinh Phạm. Bài hát truyền thống này mang rất nhiều niềm vui cho trẻ em mẫu giáo! Bài hát này tên là “Kià Con Bướm Vàng”. Ca hát giúp con em chúng ta học từ mới và nâng cao văn từ vựng của họ và đó là rất ... Read More

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

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Literacy Tip Hi, I'm Lisa and we're going to sing a fun song. This is a great song to adapt to what you’re doing. You can change the activity and even the time of day. Think of all the ways you can sing this song—clean up toys, wash your face, climb into bed. Transcript Here we go round ... Read More

Acka Backa Soda Cracker

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Literacy Tip My name is Lisa and this is Charlie who is 9 months old. We’re going to share a fun rhyme with you now! The physical movement in this rhyme increases the baby’s awareness of rhythm in language. Combined with rhyme, this physical experience helps babies to notice the individual ... Read More

Hickory Dickory Dock

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Literacy Tip Hi everyone, I’m Gigi. This is an old favorite rhyme. For four and five year old children, being able to tell rhymes is a skill that will help them understand what they are reading when they begin to read. Transcript Hickory, dickory, dock,The The mouse ran up the clock, The ... Read More

Cinco lobitos

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Literacy Tip Hola! Me llamo Yanira. Esta es una rima muy divertida. Recitar rimas como ésta introduce nuevas palabras a los niños pequeños. Hable y cante con sus hijos todo el tiempo para que aprendan muchas palabras! Transcript Cinco lobitos tiene la loba, cinco lobitos detrás de la ... Read More

Saco mis manitas

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Literacy Tip Hola! Yo soy Yanira y les voy a enseñar una canción que es muy divertida. ¡Anima a su hijo mover sus manitos y cantar! Al participar verbalmente, los juegos de dedos ayuda con el desarollo del lenguaje. El movimiento de las manos y dedos ayuda desarollar los musculos motores, los ... Read More

Pon Pon Pon Gallinita

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Literacy Tip Me llamo Chufo y este es mi hijo Mateo que tiene diez meses. Vamos a cantarles una de nuestras canciones favoritas. Los movimientos ayudan al bebé a mejor escuchar los sonidos y el ritmo del lenguaje. ¡También es muy divertido! Transcript Pon pon pon gallinita un huevo Pon pon ... Read More

This Little Piggie

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Tricia, and this is my 10-month-old daughter Josephine. Let’s do an old familiar rhyme that actually helps children to learn the sequence of a story. Using body parts helps them remember the rhyme and the order of each “piggie’s” actions. Hold your child on your ... Read More

Debajo de un botón

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Literacy Tip ¡Hola! Soy Chufo, y quiero compartir una canción que es divertida cantar con niños - especialmente con bebés. Siénten al bebé en sus rodillas y mírenlo a sus ojos mientras cantan. Cantar ayuda a los niños a aprender cómo usamos el lenguaje y mejora su habilidad de poder ... Read More

Mother and Father

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Literacy Tip Hello everyone. My name is Kia and this is my 2-year-old son Bodhi. He loves to bounce on my knees. Doing rhymes with actions helps stretch out the words. This rhyme reinforces familiar words that you might use, like Mother and Father. But you can change the words to ones you may use ... Read More