Slowly, Slowly

An action rhyme for babies about a slow snail and a quick mouse.

Literacy Tip

My name is Taliah. This is Zayre, he is six months old. I am demonstrating Slowly, Slowly, an action rhyme for children birth to two years. Through sight, sound, and touch a child experiences the meaning of slowly and quickly.


Slowly, slowly slowly (Slowly walk two fingers up his arm)
Goes the garden snail. (Keep going very slowly)
Slowly, slowly, slowly, (Keep going)
Up the garden trail. (End at shoulder or neck )
Quickly, quickly, quickly, (Run two fingers quickly up one arm)
Goes the little mouse.
And down and up and down and up
Quickly, quickly, quickly, (Keep repeating faster and faster)
All around the house! (Until the fingers take off all over his body.)

Video Information

  • Creator: Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy
  • Performers: Taliah Abdullah and Zayre
  • Contributors: Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Source: Public Domain
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