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Giro Tondo – Gigi & Luca

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Ciao, io sono Gigi, e questo è Luca. Vogliamo condividere con voi una classica filastrocca in Italiano "Giro Tondo." Giro giro tondo, casca il mondo, casca la terra; e tutti giù per terra. Nursery rhymes and songs with a movement component are a great way to help squirmy kiddos get the ... Read More

Tiny Tim – Monica Washenberger

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Hello, my name is Monica. Today, we are going to be singing the song Tiny Tim.  There are a few American Sign Language signs that can be used with this song including: turtle, swim, drink, and eat. Ready? I had a little turtle, His name was Tiny Tim. I put him in the bathtub, To see if he ... Read More

Lisa Dengerink; I went to visit a farm one day

I Went to Visit a Farm One Day – Lisa Dengerink

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Transcript Hi! I am Lisa Dengerink. Today, I am sharing a fun animal recognition song, which also works well as a chant. It’s called “I Went to Visit a Farm One Day.” I went to visit a farm one day, I saw a COW along the way, and what do you think the cow did say? Moo, moo, moo. I went ... Read More

Erin Todd, Pudding on the plate

Pudding on the Plate- Erin Todd

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Transcript Hi, my name is Erin, and this is my buddy Simon. Today, we’re going to do a fun action rhyme called Pudding on the Plate. Ready, Simon? Pudding on the plate, Pudding on the plate, Wibble wobble Wibble wobble Pudding on the plate Candies in the jar, Candies in the jar, Shake ... Read More

Wheels on the Bus

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Lauren, and this is my daughter Ruby. Songs with motions that go along help your child better understand the word’s meaning and boost your little one's vocabulary. Feel free to add your own characters or action words: For example, the cows on the bus go "moo, ... Read More

This is the Way the Ladies Ride

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Literacy Tip Hello! I’m Andrea and this is my daughter, Kate. We are going to show you a fun rhyme you can do at home! Playing together with your child not only grows the bond between child and caregiver but it grows their brains too! Help your child get ready for school by playing together ... Read More

Big, Big, Big

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Literacy Tip Hi, I’m Andrea. This is a great rhyme to do with young children. Combining opposites with motion, as in this rhyme, is a great way to build vocabulary and brain connections. It helps children understand difficult concepts in a visual way. Transcript This is big, big, big This is ... Read More

Ram Sam Sam

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Literacy Tip Hello, I’m Andrea. This is a great nonsense song to play with sounds and movement! Singing silly songs together is not only fun it helps to develop a child’s understanding of sounds in language. Combining words with movement helps grow connections in a child’s brain too! Who ... Read More

Two Little Blackbirds

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Literacy Tip Hi, I’m Andrea and this is Reece. We are going to demonstrate a finger rhyme that you can do at home! This rhyme is great to do with all ages. Singing with children builds pathways in their brains to help learn language. Talk, sing and play with your child as often as you can to ... Read More

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

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Literacy Tip Hi, I'm Lisa and we're going to sing a fun song. This is a great song to adapt to what you’re doing. You can change the activity and even the time of day. Think of all the ways you can sing this song—clean up toys, wash your face, climb into bed. Transcript Here we go round ... Read More