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Turtle Rhyme

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Literacy Tip Hi! My name is Jessica. The Turtle rhyme helps a child build storytelling skills and self-esteem! It follows a simple sequence, with a surprise ending for the toddler or preschool child. This rhyme is especially fun when it becomes a game of anticipation! Who knows where that turtle ... Read More

Que Llueva

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Literacy Tip Hola. Me llamo Mary. Cantar rimas como ésta ayuda a los niños a escuchar los diferentes sonidos que hay en una palabra. Cantar es una cosa fácil que pueden hacer juntos para ayudar a los niños a prepararse para leer! Transcript Que llueva, que llueva, la vieja está en la ... Read More

Patty Cake

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Cliff. When you play “patty cake” with your baby, trace the first letter of your child’s name in his palm so that he feels the shape of the letter. This beginning knowledge of shapes will help him learn to recognize letters as he gets older. Transcript Patty ... Read More

Itsy Bitsy Spider

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Literacy Tip Hi. I’m Cydney, and this my son, Stephen. He is 24 months old. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of our favorite songs. Notice that it tells a story. (Rhyme) After singing, you can ask your child to tell you what happened in the song. When children tell what happened, they develop ... Read More