Acka Backa Soda Cracker

Literacy Tip

My name is Lisa and this is Charlie who is 9 months old. We’re going to share a fun rhyme with you now!
The physical movement in this rhyme increases the baby’s awareness of rhythm in language. Combined with rhyme, this physical experience helps babies to notice the individual sounds that make up words. And of course, the play and intimacy makes babies want more of these experiences.


Acka backa soda cracker (bounce baby)
Acka backa boo
Acka backa soda cracker
I love you! (hug baby)

Acka backa soda cracker
Acka backa boo
Acka backa soda cracker
Up goes you! (lift baby)

Video Information

  • Creator: Colorado Libraries for Early Libraries
  • Performers: Lisa Dengerink and Charlie
  • Contributors: Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Source: Public Domain
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