5 Plump Peas

Literacy Tip

Hi! My name is Tricia and this is my son Atticus who is 3 years old. We’re going to show you a fun fingerplay today! Fingerplays like this not only help young children learn new words and hear the smaller sounds in words, but also help develop fine motor skills which are necessary for writing!


Five plump peas in a pea pod pressed.
One grew, two grew, and so did all the rest.
They grew and grew and they never stopped,
They grew SO big that the pea pod popped!

Video Information

  • Creator: Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy
  • Performers: Tricia Lee and Atticus
  • Contributors: Rocky Mountain PBS
  • Source: Public Domain
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One Comment

  • Kudos to Tricia and Atticus for the fun fingerplay,5 plump peas in a pea pod pressed. Libraries and RMPBS teaming up to promote literacy, cognition, coordination, etc. is a valuable learning tool for children and their families! Tricia and her children should consider taking their message to Hollywood!

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