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Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

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Literacy Tip My name is Cindy, and I want to share a song with you that is very calming. This song helps kids settle when they’ve been active and gotten a little hyped up. It’s got a nice rhythm and by singing it more slowly and quietly with each repetition you can focus more and more on the ... Read More

Que Llueva

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Literacy Tip Hola. Me llamo Mary. Cantar rimas como ésta ayuda a los niños a escuchar los diferentes sonidos que hay en una palabra. Cantar es una cosa fácil que pueden hacer juntos para ayudar a los niños a prepararse para leer! Transcript Que llueva, que llueva, la vieja está en la ... Read More

Parade Song

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Mary. The Parade Song makes language fun! Children from infant to preschool age bend and twist and use the entire body to create the sounds of the various instruments. It’s a wonderful way to discover rhythm in words and music! Transcript (sung to "Are You ... Read More

Itsy Bitsy Spider

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Literacy Tip Hi. I’m Cydney, and this my son, Stephen. He is 24 months old. The Itsy Bitsy Spider is one of our favorite songs. Notice that it tells a story. (Rhyme) After singing, you can ask your child to tell you what happened in the song. When children tell what happened, they develop ... Read More