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This is the Way the Ladies Ride

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Literacy Tip Hello! I’m Andrea and this is my daughter, Kate. We are going to show you a fun rhyme you can do at home! Playing together with your child not only grows the bond between child and caregiver but it grows their brains too! Help your child get ready for school by playing together ... Read More

Two Little Blackbirds

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Literacy Tip Hi, I’m Andrea and this is Reece. We are going to demonstrate a finger rhyme that you can do at home! This rhyme is great to do with all ages. Singing with children builds pathways in their brains to help learn language. Talk, sing and play with your child as often as you can to ... Read More

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

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Literacy Tip Hi, I'm Lisa and we're going to sing a fun song. This is a great song to adapt to what you’re doing. You can change the activity and even the time of day. Think of all the ways you can sing this song—clean up toys, wash your face, climb into bed. Transcript Here we go round ... Read More

Mix the Batter

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Literacy Tip Hello. I’m Gigi, and I’m going to demonstrate a fun rhyme. When children hear the rhyming sounds, they are reminded that words are made up of different sounds. This understanding will make it easier for him to sound out words when learning to read. Transcript Mix the batter ... Read More

This Little Piggie

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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Tricia, and this is my 10-month-old daughter Josephine. Let’s do an old familiar rhyme that actually helps children to learn the sequence of a story. Using body parts helps them remember the rhyme and the order of each “piggie’s” actions. Hold your child on your ... Read More

Here is the Beehive

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Literacy Tip Hi, I'm Gigi. There are lots of rhymes about the things we see around us. This rhyme about bees and a beehive can start a conversation with your child about where bees live, where they keep their honey, how they sound and what they look like. It can help your child learn new words and ... Read More


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Literacy Tip Hi, my name is Cydney and this is my 24-month-old son, Stephen. He loves music. This song is great because it repeats in every line. His brain connections are made stronger through repetition. Here's a tip: use cotton balls for snowflakes! Transcript (Tune: Did You Ever See a ... Read More

Los Elefantes

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Literacy Tip ¡Hola! Yo soy Mary. Esta historia es divertida. Anime a su niño a seguir elaborando este cuento. ¿Qué sucederá si más elefantes deciden columpiarse? Transcript Video Information Creator: Colorado Libraries for Early Literacy Performers: Mary Kuehner Contributors: Rocky ... Read More

Choo-Choo Train

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Literacy Tip My name is Cindy. Two and three year olds love trains. This action rhyme tells the story of a train through words and actions, helping children to understand opposites—forward and back. Transcript This is the choo-choo train (Bend arms at elbows.) Puffing down the track. (Rotate ... Read More

Hallando Un Huevo

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Literacy Tip Hola. Soy Jessica. Voy a recitar una rima que ayuda a los niños a contar un cuento en orden. Toca los dedos, o dedos de pie, del niño para que puedan recordar la rima y el orden del cuento. Transcript Este niño halló un huevo. Este lo coció. Este lo peló. Este le echó la ... Read More